As the Beasties so aptly put it, "No sleep 'till Brooklyn!"
In a continued pursuit of trying to one-up ourselves in the scope and amount of projects we undertake, theC will be extensively expanding our horizons this year. Here is a brief glimpse into our current slate of projects...

Dominic Bogart


theCollaborate has partnered up with Writer/Director, Taylor Rae, for his short film, STEPS. The film is a provocative and intriguing look into just exactly who defines art - the artist, the viewer - or both? Dominic Bogart, fresh off the heels of the 2012 Sundance darling "I Am Not A Hipster" adds his talents in the starring role of Jackson. STEPS is now in Post Production with an expected release of Fall 2012.

Steps Promo Video   |   Taylor Rae's Work

Lacey Chabert


theCollaborate is pleased to announce that we have once again teamed up with Amanda Mae Meyncke (Writer/Director, DESTRUCTION PARTY on her new project, a mini series entitled, ANNIVERSARIES. Depicted through the lens of one hotel room over the course of five anniversaries, Lacey Chabert (PARTY OF FIVE, MEAN GIRLS) will co-star in this all-too-familiar look at a promising relationship on the verge of collapse. We will be casting our other co-star this month, and this series is set to shoot mid-summer.

Theo & Nate


theCollaborate and Good Night Smoke have partnered to Produce both company's first feature length endeavor: God's Arson (working title). The documentary, based on true events surrounding a series of church burnings in East Texas in January 2010, has completed Production and is now in Post Production. Director/Editor, Theo Love, is editing the film and release is set for Fall 2012.

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Writer Bryce VanKooten


theCollaborate, in association with Good Night Smoke, has attached Writer Bryce VanKooten to write their first feature narrative film, LITTLE HOPE WAS ARSON. Based on the true events detailed in the documentary, GOD'S ARSON, "LITTLE HOPE" is a story about Daniel McAllister and Jason Bourque - two young men who were raised together in church yet grew up to burn down the churches they once loved. The shooting draft of the script is expected Summer, 2012 wherein Producers Theo Love and Trenton Waterson plan to approach studios, production companies for co-production or distribution deals.

Regarding Future Projects:

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